Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

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Uncontested Divorce Lawyers – Family Law Attorneys

Uncontested Divorce – When parties reach a resolution of all issues involving division of property, alimony, child support, and child custody without the need for litigation 

Contested Divorce – When parties cannot agree on issues on their own and a suit is filed.  Once a suit is filed, the litigation process will begin in order to reach a conclusion. Resolution can often come through mediation, but if this is unsuccessful, it will need to go to trial and be decided by a judge.

When the parties proceed in a realistic and respectful manner, then many divorces can proceed uncontested. The parties discuss the issues that must be decided and decide for themselves how to divide their assets and liabilities. They work together to make a parenting plan for how best to take care of their children. People who take this approach leave the decisions in their hands as opposed to a judge. Judges are complete strangers who will only hear what the law allows them to hear and will make a decision about the case based upon the evidence and the law. Somebody, and often times it is both parties, are unhappy with the decisions the judge makes.

If you can reach an amicable settlement of your divorce you should do so. Sometimes, due to the inflexibility or unreasonableness of one party, it is necessary to go through the litigation process. If you are in a divorce proceeding, even if it is uncontested, you should consult with an experienced divorce attorney to make certain that your interests are being properly represented.